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The Application Layer

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Computer Networks Tutorial


Application Layer : OSI Model

  • The Application Layer is the topmost layer of the OSI Model and has the responsibility for providing interface among users and the software application.
  • It is the front-end layer where, users actually communicate and other six layer only play their respective roles in the back-end.
  • Application Layer does not directly acts as an application but, it is an intermediate between actual software application and the users.
  • File transfer, emails, remote access etc. are some of the examples of applications where users interacts.


Application Layer : Functions & Features

  • Some of the major functions & features of this layer are:
    • Proper UI/UX of software application on different devices.
    • Synchronization.
    • Communication establishment.
    • Identifying communication users/partners.


This image describes the architecture and working of application layer in computer networks.

Application Layer : Architecture