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Recursion In Java

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Core Java Tutorial


Recursion In Java : Introduction

  • Recursion is supported in Java. A method calling itself is called recursion.
  • In simple terms we can say that when a method body contains a calling statements for itself.
  • Recursive methods has two parts :
    • Base case : A base case is required to terminate a recursive process, else it will run infinitely.
    • Self-call statement : A self-calling statement is present is recursive method body, which always tends to base case i.e. every time a recursive method calls itself it approaches to base case .


Recursion In Java : Example

  • Let’s take an example where we will find a factorial of a number using recursion.


This image describes a sample program of recursion in java.

Recursion In Java : Example




This image describes the output of the sample program for recursion in java.

Recursion In Java : Output


Recursion In Java : Working


This image describes the flowchart of recursion in java.

Recursion In Java : Flowchart


  • As x=0 it returns 1 to the method it was called from and it starts backtracking to get the final results as 120.


Note : Every time a method is called a new memory area is created.